Vegan Sausage Basic Information

Binders Egg Replacers Wheat Flour Rice Flour Cornstarch Potato Starch Tapioca Starch Wheat Starch Potato Starch, Sweet Potato Starch Soybean Flour Chickpea Flour Mung Bean Flour Tofu Soy Protein Powder Cooked White Rice Cooked Brown Rice Cooked Wild Rice Cooked Pilaf / Mexican Rice / Paella Rice Bread Crumbs Dry Soy Milk Powder Dry Soy … Continue reading Vegan Sausage Basic Information

60+ Keyboard Shortcuts for Browsers

Here's a list of some useful Shortcuts to use: When Browsing a Web Page: Scroll: Space Bar - Scroll down Shift+Space Bar - scroll up Middle Mouse Click once - Sets Point of Joystick to Pan around Scroll Wheel - Scroll Up/Down Shift + Scroll Wheel - Scroll Left/Right Arrow Keys Scroll in the 4 … Continue reading 60+ Keyboard Shortcuts for Browsers