My Blender Preferences

Blender Preferences are some of the most confusing and conflicting out there. It can be hard to settle on a good method for use. Here's where I'll put my most important Blender Interface Preferences, that make it what I feel is the easiest to get things done for people coming from Graphic Design backgrounds. Add-ons: … Continue reading My Blender Preferences

Street Fighter V QCFx2 Cancel to the Right

I've been playing Street Fighter since SF2 came out, (I also played SF1 a couple times, but thought it was the dumbest game I'd ever seen). I've spent countless hours playing most of the games since then, I have around 425 hours in SFV, and way more than that playing SFIV & USFIV, and I've … Continue reading Street Fighter V QCFx2 Cancel to the Right