Testing for Paint Types – Latex or Oil-based

Test for which paint type is on a surface by spraying a small amount of Acetone-based Fingernail Polish remover on a part of the surface, it will quickly remove latex but not remove oil-based paints you can repaint an Oil-based paint surface with Oil-based paint, and a latex-based surface with latex-based paint, but not latex … Continue reading Testing for Paint Types – Latex or Oil-based

Hypertufa – A Hybrid

Hypertufa is a hybrid concrete that is very light and very strong, much lighter than regular concrete, and is perfect for making sculptures, waterfalls, reptile landscapes, planters, pots, fake rocks & trees, cliffs, and other things typically made from poly-resins or concrete, etc.. The sand has been replaced by Sphagnum Moss (peat moss) a very … Continue reading Hypertufa – A Hybrid