DIY Guitar/ Instrument Cases

Making your own custom Cases for Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, or other instruments that are hard to find cases for, etc Things you need: Outer shell fabric, thick nylon with rubberized water-proof undercoating Inner Lining Fabric, a very thin silky nylon White Plastic Foam Padding, double thickness, about 1 cm thick Heavy-Duty Zipper, 10cm longer than … Continue reading DIY Guitar/ Instrument Cases

Healing & Replacement Tools in Photoshop

1. Clone Stamp Select "Aligned" for exact image clone Deselect Aligned for free-painting adjustments Alt+Right-Click the top Left Corner of image A, then Click in the Top Left Corner of Image B and begin a Stroke Ctrl+Z to Undo Paint in the Image for an exact Replica Reduce Opacity to bring underlying Pattern through Set … Continue reading Healing & Replacement Tools in Photoshop