Hypertufa – A Hybrid

Hypertufa is a hybrid concrete that is very light and very strong, much lighter than regular concrete, and is perfect for making sculptures, waterfalls, reptile landscapes, planters, pots, fake rocks & trees, cliffs, and other things typically made from poly-resins or concrete, etc.. The sand has been replaced by Sphagnum Moss (peat moss) a very … Continue reading Hypertufa – A Hybrid

Mixing Concrete

"Concrete" is a mixture of Portland Cement, Aggregate (sand & rocks), and Water Portland Cement is the name for all cement of this type, "Portland" has the same meaning as "Stainless" in 'Stainless Steel" or like "Sterling" in 'Sterling Silver', and is a generic term for this cement, which is used around the world. The … Continue reading Mixing Concrete