Windows 7 Secret Master Shortcut Folder – “Devmode” or “Godmode”

Create a New Folder Rename it to: Win7FullPanel.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} put any name you want to before the period above, that will be the name of the folder a new icon will appear open the folder and receive a list full of all the most useful locations in Windows 7

Secret Windows Snipping Tool Function

Windows Snipping Tool comes built-in to Windows, found in the 'Accessories' folder under your start menu programs.. It really sucks to use unless you know this little undocumented secret hotkey shortcut: Select Snipping Type from the "New" drop-down menu Minimize Snipping Tool Hit Ctrl + PrtScn to Take a New Snapshot of your choice This … Continue reading Secret Windows Snipping Tool Function


  Edward Snowden is a hero. An American Hero, a Hero for Americans, a Hero for the World, and a Hero for Truth and Justice. The only enemy of America is those individuals in power who seek to usurp our freedoms and liberties in the name of our own security, claiming to know what's best … Continue reading Snowden