Chinese & English Pangrams+

Just kidding, there's no such thing as a 100,000 Character Pangram! But this is what we call a Pangram for Typing & Font Selection in Chinese Fontography The following is even more useful than a Pangram, in Chinese, because every character in the text below has a separate Simplified and Traditional form 这个肥头龙刚刚从东边飞来韩国开战! 听说妈妈学习画画后,会爱乱买卖贵艺术。 This … Continue reading Chinese & English Pangrams+


Radicals by Stroke Count

一画 丶 一丨丿乙 二画 二十厂匚卜刂冂亻八人勹? 儿几亠冫冖 讠卩阝阝凵刀力厶 又廴 三画 工土士艹廾大尢扌 寸 弋 小 口囗 巾山彳 彡 犭 夕攵饣丬 广 门 氵 忄宀 辶 彐 尸己弓 屮 女 子纟 马幺 巛 四画 王 韦木 犬 歹 车 戈比 瓦 止 攴 日曰 水 贝 见 午 手毛 气 攵 片 斤 爪 父 月 欠 风 … Continue reading Radicals by Stroke Count