On Torrents

There seems to be some questions regarding the legality of Torrent File Sharing. I'd like to take a moment to shed some light on the subject. There is nothing illegal about sharing or creating Torrents. Torrents aren't illegal. That's like saying "Files" are illegal. There are of course illegal things you can do with Torrents, … Continue reading On Torrents

Recording Everything you Hear on your Computer directly from the Output

Sometimes you may have need to record what you hear coming out of your speakers, with the exact Fidelity to the source. Examples include: Digitizing old Cassettes & LP's to retain their original sound Backing up audio sources and digitizing video audio from movies to be added to new video compilations An Electrical Instrument or … Continue reading Recording Everything you Hear on your Computer directly from the Output

Batch Renaming your Photos with Exif Data

This is free program that can rename all of your photos using the hidden EXIF information from your camera. You can download it here: From: http://www.digicamsoft.com/softnamexif.html Size: 671 KB (686,901 bytes) So it changes them from something stupid like this: DSC_7830.JPG DSC_7831.JPG To something useful, with the date and time you took the photo, like this: … Continue reading Batch Renaming your Photos with Exif Data

Useful Windows Mods & Apps

QTTabsbar Compatibility: Win XP through Win 10 Price: Freeware Link: http://qttabbar.wikidot.com Description: QTTabs bars primary function is to add tabs to windows explorer, making it easier to manage sessions with multiple tabs. QTTabs bar also has a variety of other customization features. In addition to the default settings, I set the following on these tabs: Tab New Tab Location … Continue reading Useful Windows Mods & Apps