Airbrush Paints & Airbrush Painting

There are many kinds of paints that can be used with Airbrushes.. Basically, if its thin enough, fine enough, & smooth enough, then you can use it in your airbrush.. a good way to think of it, is that an airbrush sprays Milk, and anything you spray should have the look, feel & viscosity of … Continue reading Airbrush Paints & Airbrush Painting

Airbrushing Techniques

Here are some Airbrushing Techniques for Double-Action Airbrushes: Basic Airbrush Strokes: First practice on a scratch piece of material, keep the Scrap material handy always, be sure its the same material as the surface you will be airbrushing Adjust the paint flow regulator knob at the back of the airbrush to allow only the amount … Continue reading Airbrushing Techniques