Vietnam to 2019 – America’s Shifty Sentiments

During Vietnam, a large percentage of Americans were strongly against America's campaign in the war. Those who weren't fall into two categories: 1.) People who were afraid due to falling victim to the Anti-Communist campaign launched by the America's wealthy elite capitalists & profiteers controlling government and needing for Americans to view anything which isn't … Continue reading Vietnam to 2019 – America’s Shifty Sentiments


Braven The cold hard sting of the naked chosen stone; Felled, now, to the ground, and left there all alone. Into the heart of mother earth, the sweet life force now seeping. Timeless echo in distant wind; Rain now felt as weeping. Just or not, thus subjective; Fates, alas, bespoken. Fury rumbles deep within; Vengeance … Continue reading Braven