Portland Cement Basics

Portland Cement is a mixture of Limestone (CaCO 3 ), mixed with a second material containing clay as source of alumino-silicate. Because clay is needed, usually an impure limestone which already contains some clay is used. The impure Limestone must be made of at least 80% Limestone. Depending on the purity of the limestone and … Continue reading Portland Cement Basics

Mixing Concrete

"Concrete" is a mixture of Portland Cement, Aggregate (sand & rocks), and Water Portland Cement is the name for all cement of this type, "Portland" has the same meaning as "Stainless" in 'Stainless Steel" or like "Sterling" in 'Sterling Silver', and is a generic term for this cement, which is used around the world. The … Continue reading Mixing Concrete

Indoor Herb Garden – Various Herb Needs, Types, Conditions, etc.

General optimal growing conditions for Herbs are as follows: Container - Almost any container will work, it should be able to hold at least 4" deep of soil, ideally Temperature - 60-70 F / about 15-22 C Light - 4-6 hours of natural sunlight per day - Herbs prefer Light from the South or West … Continue reading Indoor Herb Garden – Various Herb Needs, Types, Conditions, etc.