How to Turn a Photo into a Typeable Font Character

Here's How I took the Image Above and turned it into the typed Characters you see embedded in the Font Below it I started out by changing the Original Image to a 3-color Image Then I Created A duplicate Image, and on the first Image, I Changed the lightest 2 colors to white, and on … Continue reading How to Turn a Photo into a Typeable Font Character

Chinese & English Pangrams+

Just kidding, there's no such thing as a 100,000 Character Pangram! But this is what we call a Pangram for Typing & Font Selection in Chinese Fontography The following is even more useful than a Pangram, in Chinese, because every character in the text below has a separate Simplified and Traditional form 这个肥头龙刚刚从东边飞来韩国开战! 听说妈妈学习画画后,会爱乱买卖贵艺术。 This … Continue reading Chinese & English Pangrams+

Font Viewer

AMP FontViewer is a freeware program for viewing all of your fonts It has many options for viewing installed and not installed fonts You can change the preview text to include a Chinese Sentence and Chinese Punctuation Instead of "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog", you could write "这个小狗跳过那个懒兔子吗?“ So 过, 个, … Continue reading Font Viewer