Kingdom of the Fates A Poem written for 비천무 / 飞天舞 Bichunmoo / Fei Tian Wu. It is meant to be read melodically, with the Music above. I've also turned it into a song, with a Chord Sheet at the end. ======================================= Alone, we two, not knowing what to do Far from our love, can’t start anew. We’ve … Continue reading Kingdom of the Fates


'Twas a vex and a hex of the six pixie vixen, with whom Lord Wex would oft have sex and mix in. Taking treks without checks, the cocks' gawks do mock some, But, nae, this is Rex, and lo, from the decks, it shocks 'em. He fucks all the schmucks, causing shakes, quakes, & breaks … Continue reading ReX

Constitutionality of Gun Laws vs the Right to Bear Arms – Gun Control & the Morality of Firearms

This is written in response to the thousands of deaths by firearms every year, to those who champion Gun Ownership and Gun Rights as Inalienable 2nd Amendment Rights. Guns are used to Kill 40,000 Americans per year, that's like every person in Coachella, California dying from a gun each year. 2012 - 33,563 gun deaths … Continue reading Constitutionality of Gun Laws vs the Right to Bear Arms – Gun Control & the Morality of Firearms


Braven The cold hard sting of the naked chosen stone; Felled, now, to the ground, and left there all alone. Into the heart of mother earth, the sweet life force now seeping. Timeless echo in distant wind; Rain now felt as weeping. Just or not, thus subjective; Fates, alas, bespoken. Fury rumbles deep within; Vengeance … Continue reading Braven

Story of Hawaii

In 1778, European explorer Captain James Cook stumbled upon the Hawaiian islands. upon his arrival he brought many diseases like small pox, influenza, measles, and many others; many insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and centipedes; and many rodents like rats and mice. Millions of Hawaiians died from diseases after Cook's arrival, and Hawai'i, the perfect paradise, … Continue reading Story of Hawaii